Ride Schedule



February 23, 2019
Massacre Site
Wickenburg Area
Stage 8:30
Ride 9:00

4 Hour ride

No water for horses!
Directions: Take US 60 to Wickenburg. Stay on US 60 through Wickenburg to the west side of town.  Going under the overpass stayng on Wickenburg Way to the light by Safeways.  Going straight throught the light you can set your odometer for 6 miles.  At Mile marker 103 highway turns into a passing lane and goes up a hill.  At the top of the hill it narrows down to one lane again and there you will note Mile Marker 102.  Slow down as you will be making a right hand turn onto a dirt road..  Staying on the dirt road you will go approximately 1/10 of a mile to the parking area on the left.  This is state land so be sure you have your permit to put in your window.!!!


Extra Notes:


"Coming up!!"


March 22,23,24, 2019


Boyd Ranch

"New rates and restrictions "

If we use the showers and the recreation room:

$40.00 per person per night

If we only use the bathrooms and places to park:

$20.00 per night  per person

  The stall rates remain the same:

$25.00 per horse per weekend

'There is a 10 person minimum!'

It was decided that we will not be using the showers nor the recreation room..going with the $20.00 rate!!

May 3,4,5 2019

Bumble Bee Campout

You will need to call Kelley if you need to reserve electric.

All is the same here or I have not been notified of any changes

Bumble Bee #​623-374-0002

June 21,22,23, 2019

Groom Creek Campout