Sept. 30, Oct 1

Granite Mountian/Groom Creek

Prescott Area



Sept. 30, 2017

Granite Mountain

Stage 8:00

Ride 8:30

We  will ride This area and then trek on over to Groom Creek, Bill is fixing pulled pork sandwiches and Pasta Salad for supper.  Feel Free to bring a side dish if you would like.  We will do a short ride Sunday mourning.  We will be staying in Loop C !  

​Directions:  Take I-17 North.  Exit towards Prescott on Highway 69.  You will be looking for Fain road.  You will pass Kachina Place then Bradshaw MT. Road and the next one at the light should be Fain Road.  Turn Northwest.  The sign reads (I think) Rt. 89/40 and mentions Fairgrounds.  There will be a light in 7.2 miles.  Cross over and stay on 89A.  It will be approximately 11.3 miles to Williamson Valley Road. The road dead ends there.  Turn North (right) and go 4.1 miles to the Trailhead.  There is a sign just before and one right at the Trailhead.  Parking for the trailers is an almost immediate left

If you need more information on the ride call:

Lonnie 602-703-5433

If you need information call

Karen 602-703-0545

Extra Notes:

BumbleBee Ranch Volunteers Needed

Rainbow Acres Kids

November 8, 2017

Blind Kids

November 11, 2017

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