Ride Reports


Well here it is already December, two months since the club rides at Granite mountain  and Groom Creek.  These were both great rides in the high country around Prescott, AZ.  The rides in September included a White Tanks ride  and a  Gates road ride.  Officially the club generally rides about every other week but very often someone is riding every week at one place or another.  Two official rides in November were at Wickenburg rodeo grounds to Sophie flats and also a ride at Jackass flats followed, by a brat feed. 

 Also happening in November was giving assistance in the form of saddling and leading horses for Bumblebee ranch as they hosted physically handicapped and blind kids.  Just a little something that our club does to give back a little to the community.  The real thanks goes to Kelly and the crew at Bumble Bee ranch for providing the venue for these events.     

December 2 is the day that we enjoyed our annual Christmas party, thanks to our host Bill C. and his wife Sharon. The day included an election of officers for the coming year and also our ever-popular white elephant gift exchange. A lot of fun was had by all, and don't worry if you didn't get the gift you wanted because next year you can re-gift  it to someone else.                      

The Saturday following the Christmas party found the club enjoying a great ride at the Estrella mountain park.  Great weather and a great ride led by Lonnie who is recovering nicely from knee surgery. 

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Piekow, GEC Publicis

       GEC rides again !

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

11:05 AM

Following a long hot summer,  it was time that our riding club remounted and put some trails behind us.  That is not to say we didn't ride all summer.  It's just that summer is the off season and there are no official GEC rides.  Table Mesa, Jackass Flats, Emory Henderson, Salt River, Box Canyon are some of the many places we visited.

Kicking off the fall season found club members at Granite Mountain trailhead for an enjoyable ride through the amazing landscape that surrounds Granite mountain.  This area was devastated by fire several years ago but has recovered quite nicely and is again well covered in grasses and other types of flora.  The main crop observed in these parts are boulders--- big ones, huge ones and gigantic ones.  Temperatures were very mild and the horses were well mannered on the nicely groomed trails.  At the end of the ride we regrouped at Groom Creek campground for an afternoon ride and an evening dinner provided by one of our resident chefs with club members contributing potluck dishes.  Thanks to all and thanks to chef Bill.

Sunday  morning's ride through the tall pines was very enjoyable as well as beautiful with mother nature's paint strokes of yellows and orange on the leaves of the trees backlit by the sun filtering down from the treetops. We rode the trails all the way to the old apple orchard, had a brief rest, and then headed back to camp in time to meet the noon departure deadline.  All in all it was a great ride with numerous sightings of deer and small game.  A special thanks to all  that attended and especially to ride leader Lonnie, without whom we might still be wandering in the forest searching for camp.                                                                                             

Respectively submitted,

Robert Piekow,     publicist for GEC

This month’s ride finds the Club back in Prescott for our annual pilgrimage to Groom Creek Horse Camp…..always a fun event for our riding club.   This year’s ride and campout was well attended in spite of the record heat in the valley.  It's always a little cooler in the mountains above Prescott.

Good riding conditions made for some great rides starting on Thursday for some of the early arrivals.  Riding on Friday through the pines was very enjoyable.  We rode to the creek, and some decided to do a little barefootin’ to cool off the toes.   Later on that same cowboy ( Bill) must have gotten hotter because he then decided to do a full body immersion in the Hassayampa creek.  All in good fun.

Saturday morning's gathering of equestrians set off for Spruce Mountain Lookout as their goal. Off and upward they went with our trusty trail boss in the lead.  Some four hours later we saw these riders returning to camp having accomplished their goal of conquering the mountain.

Due to the extreme heat in the valley the club decide to forego riding on Sunday in lieu of a second ride on Saturday.  This allowed for plenty of riding and gave us the opportunity to return home with our horses early Sunday before the temperatures became too uncomfortable for our animals.

Saturday afternoon and evening were filled with pre-dinner socializing and a fundraising poker ride card game.  The highlight of the evening was dinner featuring our amazing chef Bill on the grill with great steaks cooked to order, all supplemented with tasty side dishes provided by our club members.  Hats off to all that participated.  We couldn't do this without you, and a special thanks to ride leader Lonnie and chef Bill.  Happy Trails.

Respectfully, Robert Piekow


April 2017 proved to be a busy month for our riding club.  Starting out, the month the club participated in some charitable activity in conjunction with Bumblebee Ranch as they hosted the "HOPE KIDS".  The HOPE KIDS foundation is dedicated to providing activities for kids with cancer or other life threatening conditions.  Many activities were available to these kids on  April 1, and our club was instrumental in providing horseback rides.  Judging from the four-hour non-stop lineup horses were very popular that day.

The second weekend in April found the club on a ATV trek up to historic ghost town of Humbug Az.  Horses could have made that trip, but the distance from the trailhead to Humbug would have been too much for one day.  Humbug is, or was, a gold mining town first established in the early 1880's brought on by the discovery of gold by Charlie Campion, one of the early settlers to the Wickenburg area.  Many of his descendants can still be found in Maricopa and Yavapai county. The club spent an enjoyable tour of Humbug compliments of Frank the caretaker. Humbug and the surrounding area are  on private land . Tours can be arranged through the proper channels.

The third weekend in April was a weekend off for the club, however some members participated in a ride in the Gates road area. This was a great ride with beautiful scenery highlighted by a desert turtle sighting. Although not an official club ride someone usually rides every weekend and all members are welcome to join in.

The final weekend of April found the club once again at Bumblebee ranch for a full three days of riding and other activities. Friday started off with a fine four-hour ride and ended with a nice bratwurst dinner at Bill’s campsite. Thank you, chef Bill. 

Activity for Saturday included a morning ride and an afternoon ride. Also included was a trip to historic Cleator, Az. An old not quite ghost with mining roots dating back to 1860’s. Not much left but they do have the “Cleator Yacht Club” a fine establishment with live music and cold adult beverages.

Saturday evening included a steak, salmon or chicken dinner provided by the club and hosted by the able staff of Bumblebee ranch. A great raffle of donated items and a poker run provided more things to do and also raised some money for the club. Many thanks to those who donated items and congratulations to the winners. Last, but not least, happy birthday Bill.

Sunday arrived with the usual great Arizona weather and although some of us had to leave, another ride was led by our capable ride leader Lonnie who deserves a big thank you for all the great rides he leads. 

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Piekow, Publicist